Rice University Responsive Templates



These templates are made freely available to the Rice University community. You are free to use these templates for any subdomain on Rice.edu. You are free to modify these templates to suit your needs, provided that the finished site still meets the brand standards for Rice University as defined here: http://staff.rice.edu/website_standards.aspx


Files included



General templates:


jquery-1.8.0min.js - jquery for local linking
modernizr.js - fixes for lame browsers cough.. IE cough...
tools.js - This file contains the royalslider base code (compressed) and variables (uncompressed) as well as the code for the mobile menu ( meanslider )

Self explanatory.




Note to developers:

We have created these templates based on a standard 12 column grid called Columnal.

This grid is responsive and geared towards rapid prototyping and development. There is full documantation here: http://www.columnal.com/

All the HTML included validates as HTML5 with the W3C.

If you add images or YouTube video without width and height properties, the objects will scale to fit the screen on all devices.

These templates have been tested all the way back to IE6

Check each document code for comments.

Download as a ZIP file